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Straumann MediaCenter

General Terms and Conditions of Institut Straumann AG regarding the use of copyrighted material

You get access to the database Straumann Media Database where you find various copyrighted material belonging to Institut Straumann AG and/or its affiliates ('Copyrighted Material').

You are permitted to use the Copyrighted Material for the sole and limited purpose of informing your patients, peers or the public about tooth restoration and / or tooth replacement or for your own marketing purposes ('Purpose').

By downloading any Copyrighted Material you implicitly agree with the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. You acknowledge that Institut Straumann AG or its affiliates (hereinafter 'Straumann') are the exclusive worldwide owner of all intellectual property rights to the Copyrighted Material. By using the Copyrighted Material you implicitly accept and confirm that you will not alter the Copyrighted Material, in whole or in part, nor modify the Copyrighted Material, copy it or make any use of the Copyrighted Material other than the use for the Purpose.

    You agree that you will not permit the use of the Copyrighted Material by any third party without the prior written consent of Straumann. You ensure that the Copyrighted Material cannot be copied by third parties.

    You agree that you will use the Copyrighted Material in a way that is consistent with highest professional standards and not for any purpose that Straumann may deem, in its sole and absolute discretion, to be inappropriate.
  2. If you use the Copyrighted Material in your own information material, you will include the statement: '®Institut Straumann AG, 2015. All rights reserved. By courtesy of Institut Straumann AG'

    immediately below or next to any such Copyrighted Material that you use for the Purpose. If you use the Copyrighted Material on the website of your dental practice, your social media profiles or on other third party online platforms or in any e-mail communication it is sufficient to add the following statement in the imprint: 'Images and multimedia content: ┬ę Institut Straumann AG, 2015. All rights reserved. By courtesy of Institut Straumann AG.'
  3. The authorization of downloading Copyrighted Material does not constitute any transfer of intellectual property rights. No implicit or explicit license is granted herewith.
  4. You agree to deliver any material containing the Copyrighted Material upon request by Straumann to Straumann, and you acknowledge that Straumann shall have the right to prohibit the publication of any such material that Straumann deems, in its sole discretion, to be inconsistent with its corporate image, branding, marketing, or other business strategies or objectives.
  5. Should you incur any costs, fees, damages, or other sums relating to or arising out of the permission granted in this agreement you will not be entitled to claim any such costs, fees, damages or other sums from Straumann.
  6. You are not permitted to assign this agreement to any other party without the prior written consent of Straumann or its designated successor or assignee.
  7. You acknowledge that a violation of this declaration by you constitutes a material breach of this agreement, which would lead to a termination of this agreement with immediate effect by Straumann. Straumann explicitly reserves the right to claim damages.
  8. 8) Straumann may terminate this agreement any time for any reason by giving you one week written notice. One week after receipt of such notice you shall stop making the Copyrighted Material accessible to third parties and destroy any copies of the Copyrighted Materials.

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